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Welcome to Fair Play Dalmatians website.  I am Jennifer Jordan owner/breeder/handler.  We are a very small family dedicated to the enjoyment and betterment of the Dalmatian.  Our family consists of myself, my husband James, son Devon, Maggie, Spotacus, Vicky  and Black Smith.

My love for this breed began in 1999, when I adopted my first Dalmatian, Shelby, from the Bitterroot Humane Society in Hamilton, Montana.  I learned first hand how intelligent, clownish and versatile this breed is.  As our friendship developed I felt I wanted to open my home to another Dal in need.  Enter Clayton.  With the help of Rocky Spot Rescue's volunteers, Clayton was found at the Idaho Humane Society in Boise.  As time progressed, I decided I wanted to do more with my Dals and the breed.  So I began searching for the right female to exhibit and head my breeding program.  I found her in Nova Scotia Canada at Andals Dalmatians.  I became a member of the local kennel club, began Conformation Handling Classes and we debuted in Anchorage Alaska, November of 2004. 

Since then I have become a member of the Dalmatian Club of America, and Cook Inlet Kennel Club, newly forming Non Sporting Dog Club of Alaska and achieved AKC Breeder of Merit status.    Currently I exhibit my dogs in Alaska.

Looking for a new companion or show dog?  Visit the Puppy Page for future plans, current or past litter information or the Available Dals Page.  We are also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fair-Play-Dalmatians/387384480882

If you want more information on this wonderful breed, please visit The Dalmatian Club of America's website. 

What's New

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Website Last Updated - 4/2/14 - Bo has a new home with Ernie and Kate in Oregon.  What a great home for Bo and he even has a Dal and Beagle in his new pack!  The best wishes and warmest thoughts for his future.  As of right now, we are going to hold onto Black Smith and have no Dals available, nor any current breeding plans.

1/30/14 - It is with heavy, heavy heart, Jewel my foundation bitch has crossed over the bridge.

8/20/13 - I'm officially now an AKC Breeder of Merit.

5/29/13 - Mike and Kelli Gatrell, who own Patch, have added Blue Boy to their pack.  Congrats to them and Blue.

5/28/13 - Blue Boy is available to a good home.   He is 1yr and 2 mths old, neutered, housebroken and crate trained.  Blue also knows some commands.  Great with kids and other dogs.  Contact Us if you are interested in this great guy.  I will be getting some new pics of him soon.

4/24/13 - Dixie is now living with the Burke family.  They report she now has a forever home and gets along great with her new pack mate.

3/23/13 - Bo got RWD under judge Walter Pinsker.

2/20/13 - Dixie is available to a good home.  Contact Us for more information.  Looks like we're going to be re-earning Bo's points due to a mistake I made.  He will be back out 2013 to finish once again.

11/5/12 - Bo won WD/BOW for a 3pt major, Dixie went RWB and Black Smith came 3rd in BBE under j. Kent Delaney.  Bo finished with 2 - 4pt majors and 2 - 3pt majors earning a Group 4 along the way. 

7/27/12 - Bo won WD/BOW/BOB and Dixie won WB/BOS under j. Carolyn Herbel.  On 7/28/12 Bo won WD/BOW/BOB/Group 4 and Dixie got RWB under j. Jon R. Cole.  On 7/29/12 Bo got 2nd in BBE and Dixie got RWB under j. Ruth Zimmerman.

6/23/12 - Dixie won RWB and Bo won WD under j. Dr. Gerard Penta.  On 6/24/12, Dixie won RWB and Bo won WD/BOW/BBE Group 1.

6/4/12 -  On Wednesday 5/30/12 - Shelby was helped across the Rainbow Bridge.  He was the best friend and companion anyone could have ever asked for.  The Verhage family and I will greatly miss him. 

5/26/12 - Under judge Mary Lou Kniola, Dixie won 1st in her 9-12 puppy class and Echo took WB and BOS for a 4 pt Major!!!  On Sunday 5/27/12, under judge Chris Levy, Dixie came in 2nd in her puppy class and Echo took WB/BOW/BOB and a group 4 for a 4pt Major to finish!!!  On Monday 5/28/12, under judge Lesley Hiltz, Dixie came 2nd in her puppy class.

3/25/12 - Dixie won RWB under j. Patricia Trotter.

3/24/12 - Echo won WB/BOW/BOB for a 4 point major and Dixie won her 6-9 month puppy class under j. Gloria Geringer

1/29/12 - Vicky won WB/BOS for a 4pt major to FINISH under judge Lorraine Boutwell.  Echo took RWB and Dixie won her 6-9 Puppy Class.  Vicky has finished her American Championship in 5 shows, with 3 majors.  it wasn't but 5 months ago she finished her Canadian Championship in 3 days/4 shows.  Kudos to breeders Michael Goldman, Jo Ann & Harald Liebe for producing such a stunning example of the breed.  I am so blessed and thankful.

1/28/12 - Vicky won WB/BOW/BOB for a 4pt major under j. William Cunningham.  Echo won RWB, and Dixie came 2nd in 6-9 Puppy.  What a great day, Vicky showed fabulous.

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